About LL&L

September 23, 2008

Love Lust and Life is a memoir and journal in which I share all parts of my life. On LL&L, you can see that someone else has gone through the same things you’re dealing with, learn from my mistakes and discernment in order to make wiser choices, and be encouraged to openly talk about things you’re keeping hidden or consider taboo. Love Lust and Life is also a social network where people are able to have open discussions about anything that is on their minds and seek constructive advice from others. When people constantly try to keep their feelings and thoughts inside, the affects can be tragic: depression, addiction, insanity or suicide. I truly believe that all people need to be able to confidently express their whole selves and not just what are considered the good parts.

Love Lust and Life is a blog that I started in August 2008. At the time, I felt really frustrated with my life and most of my relationships. I used to consider myself a very open person, able to talk about most things with most people. I found myself not investing my heart in a lot of my friendships because I no longer felt respected; later, I stopped opening up to my family because of a perceived lack of acceptance and support. Eventually, I made a conscious effort to not talk to about anything that would leave me feeling vulnerable or criticized; I found myself not calling or spending time with anyone, because I no longer had anything I deemed acceptable for conversation. This left me feeling lonely and disconnected.

The initial purpose of the blog was to share the things I have learned in my life with whomever was interested. As I started to write, I discovered that I had things that I needed to share and get off of my chest first; I will use this blog as an opportunity to heal some hurts that are holding me back in life. Later, as I get more comfortable writing, I will focus on sharing lessons that I have learned, either through my personal life experiences, from advice that I have sought, or through the books that I’ve read. I decided to have themed days so that I can make sure that I keep the blog balanced and that you, the readers, can make sure you read posts that interest you:

  • Spiritual Sundays: bible scriptures, mindfulness, meditation and morals
  • Manic Mondays: emotions, mental health and money
  • Talented Tuesdays: music, books, poetry and other forms of entertainment
  • Wellness Wednesdays: my weight loss, body image and health journey
  • Taking Care of Business (TCB) Thursdays: goal achievement, career and educational goals
  • Freaky Fridays: my scary or traumatic events and some of my sexual experiences
  • Saturday Love: my relationships like family, friends, dating and marriage

I hope this sounds interesting and encouraging. Until I gain consistent readers, I will treat this blog as my diary and my notebook. But please join Love, Lust and Life, and let me know what you like to talk about or need to get off your chest. I am looking forward to getting to know you.


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