Hidden Strength

November 26, 2008


Originally uploaded by Chris A. Campbell


…LL&L is supposed to be my online diary, so to speak; a chronicle of my life experiences and choices. I want to share the good the bad and ugly about myself. I’d always planned to other things too but knew that this would be a project that would challenge to come out of my comfort zone by deviling into my personal life and displaying it for anyone who cared to see. The first couple of months I experienced an inner bravery and confidence that felt new. As a social person who can experience platonic love at first sight, or contact (more internet appropriate I guess), I try so hard to be understanding. I hate when people are mean, harsh, critical, gossipy, two-faced, hypocritical back stabbers. I hate when people exclude, dismiss, belittle, look down on, and pick on people just in order to display their hysterical hierarchy. So me and LL&L have become an extremely open minded, loving, humble and patient. The cons of that is that I have lost my voice; in the pursuit of making sure that no one’s opinion is perceive as less important than my own I have stopped having opinions in general…

Exposing yourself takes strength and endurance. I do admire my strength, I have grown from a lot of difficult experiences, but I still lack… Read the whole post on my new blog Saturday Love.


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