Britney Spears MTV Documentary

December 2, 2008

Never say never.  I watched the trailer with my sister-in-law and we joked making sure we watched the Britney Spears documentary.  I did not think that I would have time for it but I turned it on anyway.  To be honest I was on the computer while it was on but with half of my attention I still enjoyed it.  I have a certain affection for Britney and I wish that people would leave Britney alone.  I think she is a sweet person who had the resonsiblity of being a role model and got feed up with trying to potray perfection that was demanded of her.  Yes even I have to admite that maybe she temporarly went off the deep in but I can’t help but hope that she reclaims her life and her image.  Here are some links if you want to know how the documentary was recieved or if you are just a fan.

Britney Spears: Back On Track?

Britney Spears‘ Greatest MTV News Moments – News Story | Music 

Blog posts about britney spears on mtv

Britney Spears – Official Site

World of Britney– Britney Spears fansite

Britney Spears “Circus” is back — new album, tour

Britney Spears – MySpace


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