My Slowcooker Santa

December 9, 2008


Voila! Bill with Slowcooker

Originally uploaded by bmann

Christmas is not only the season for giving. It takes work to be a good sport and I believe there is an art to recieving gifts that you would not have preferred. So what are you supposed to do when you get a gift that keeps on giving you strife. I use to preach the importance of gratitude to my sister-in-law but I feel humbled when I fall short. What do you do when you don’t trust the motives of the gift giver? I mean seriously what do you, if you know the answer please leave it in a comment.

I really enjoyed the movie Father of the Bride with Steve Martin. You get to watch the father struggle as he tries his best to supportive to his daughter: first he’s flabbergasted that his baby girl is getting married to a man he does not know, to trying to reason with his wife in order to keep the wedding cost down, to feeling proud when he gives his daughter away. It is a touching but funny father daughter movie. I love the scene where Anne called of the wedding.

Thank God that I learned the lesson before my first Christmas with my husband. We did not have a lot of money and I sincerely grateful for the thought. So when my husband reach under the tree and pulled out a bug box I thought, ” Wow, you shouldn’t have”. As I unwrapped it I noticed my hubbies eyes filled with pride and excitement as I discovered a nice size slowcooker. That movie prepared me so that I could give a sincere, “Thank you honey”. I was okay with it until he brought up the slow cooker a few weeks later. He wanted to know when I was going to start cooking in it and what would be the first meal. I felt a welling up of anger and ingratitude and I knew that I had to come clean with my feelings or this could get ugly.

I explained to him that I appreciated the gift but that I did not think that the gift was just for me but for the whole family. I told him that any gift that has a chore attached to it should not be wrapped but instead should be a household purchase. I knew that the gift was thoughtful but it would help me to know that gifts given to me were just for my enjoyment. He got it and he made a point to try to wow me from that point on. Maybe I should have worded my request better than that but I knew that gratitude would not come easy if next year he surprised me with a deep fryer so I figured honesty was the best policy.

Did you ever receive a that made your blood boil?


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