Mindfulness With Jon Kabat-Zinn

December 28, 2008

I was looking at Country Contemplative and I came upon this presentation byJohn Kabat-Zinn. Just to warn you the video is 1 hour and 12 minute long presentation.  If you are interested in mindfulness and meditation I think it is a great begining.  I am new to theses practices but I believe that what has been missing in my life, so I’m eager to learn.


2 Responses to “Mindfulness With Jon Kabat-Zinn”

  1. sanghales Says:

    As I am a newbie to Buddhism, Mindfulness and Mediation, I wondered where to start. Not having any Buddhist friends, I searched the net for some good *starter* books on the subject. The two that I bought, which are both wonderfully helpful in understanding what mediation is all about and how to get started are:

    * The Miracle of Mindfulness, by Thich Nhat Hanh
    * Mindfulness in Plain English, by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

    Mind you, I truly meditated *once.* How’s that for getting into a practice routine. Sheesh, but the two above mentioned books really helped me realize what I was to do and how to do it. It really is a practice, something that can only get better with practice. So that’s the direction I need to go. Just like surfing. As a kid on the East coast, I surfed in Jersey (when there was anything to surf.) I also bought every copy of SURFER magazine, and SURFING, but neither one of those mags improved my surfing. Getting out there and practicing did.

    Anyway, I highly recommend both of the books above, both of which I picked up used on the net for barely more than a sneeze. I usually buy books through Amazon in good or better condition, but have (so far) never been disappointed with ones that listed as in “good” condition.

    I’m going to list the other books I have read and/or am reading at http://sangha2go.wordpress.com if anyone is interested in seeing some other books that newbie Buddhism enthusists might be interested in. The two books above, by the way, are great for anyone interested in meditation, whether you are interested in Buddhism or not, whether you believe in any religion or not, or if you don’t believe in any kind of God at all but would just like to be able to clear you mind and have a moment of peace.

    Meditation is a experience to improve on for a lifetime. I sense that it is just like sailing, another one of my interests. I’ll never reach the point of saying “I’ve got this down, completely,” but what would be the fun in that anyway, what next then?

    Thanks, LL&L (is that what you go by?) for the Jon Kabat-Zinn link, I’ll watch it as soon as I can set aside 1hr 12 min of viewing time. Let’s talk about it. Has anyone else watched it and have something to share about it, positive or negative?

  2. LL&L Says:

    Thank you for your post : ) I mean your comment. I will look up those books and I am excited to check out your site.

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