New Year, New Bod

December 31, 2008

Exercise bike

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Another year and another list of New Years Resolutions. I know that I’m not alone in my desire to lose weight. This is not the first time I’ve wanted to lose weight, in fact it has been on the list for the last three years (at least). So what! I was not successful last year, but this year will be different. I know, I know they all say that. The difference this year is that I have a strong motivation, I think my weight affects my fertility. Also I have stopped blaming my husband, just cause he buys a donut for me does not mean I have to eat it. I also I have decided to revisit one of my first love, dancing. I use to love going to them gym, walking for hours at time and doing sit-ups just for the fun. I don’t enjoy those things anymore but I will always love dancing and I know that I can look at that activity as a treat and not as a punishment. But the one major change is that I will be honest with myself and set realistic goals. Losing one- two pounds a week is realistic, losing 30 ponds every month is not. Dancing 15 minutes a day is realistic, exercising four hours a day is not.

Earnie Lawson came of with a list of pointers that will help you keep any resolution.

1) Congratulate yourself for even trying: Think how many people didn’t even make the effort to put goals out in front of themselves! You cared enough to do so. Reaching some goal or making a change in your life that would make it and you better mattered enough for you to make the effort. So, clap yourself on the back.

2) A goal w/o a plan is sure to fail: Goals are where you want to end up. The question is HOW do you get to that end point? Make a plan of HOW you are going o reach your goal. What are the steps? What are the target dates for achieving each step? If you goal doesn’t come with a plan it is like an electric appliance with no cord. There is no way to plug it in!

3) Make it do-able: Although a person never knows that they can do until they try, still some goals are clearly impossible. Impossible goals are planned failures. That’s why it is important to have short term goals and plans to reach them. If the small steps are not realistic then neither is the long range goal.

4) What is your motivation? Keep it close: If change were easy there would be no need for New Year’s Resolutions. That’s why it is helpful to keep the MOTIVATION for making the change up close and personal. If it is a new house, put a picture of what the house may look like where you can daily see it. If it is a new body shape, again, put a picture of it on the fridge. If it is to make and keep new friends in the new year journal everyday – or at least often – WHY you want more and new friends. Write out what you gain if you do – and what you lose if you don’t.

5) Support and Accountability: No one makes significant life changes alone. A huge step in making your goal a true goal and not just a wish is when you share your plan with someone else. Ask them to help you. Set out your short range goals, including the time frame, as ask them to hold you accountable for doing the daily footwork to achieve them. No one makes change alone.

6) Celebrate small successes. Making life change is a major achievement. The more you celebrate your success (each short term goal achieved is a success) the more motivated you will be to “push on through” to the finish line. Treat yourself for a job well done. The more you believe you deserve the rewards of your achieved goal the more power you have in making it a reality.


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