… It was not to have some time to recover, but things were back to normal for the most part. 

I returned to school the next day but my mom insisted on driving me there. I felt bad because it was so far out of her way, but I was glad that I did not have to take the bus for now. 
When I arrived at school, my favorite security guard noticed that I missed school the previous day and ask why. In a corner of the hallway, I quietly told her what had happened the day before
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February 24, 2009

I have a bit of a dark side. I have always love highly dramatic and emotional entertainment, especially music. I created a Crazy Playlist of songs and videos that beautifully illustrates struggels with sanity. This was the my first attempt at creating a playlist on Daily Motion and I meant for the playlist to be in reverse order but I think this might work better…

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… It seemed like my mom was there within in seconds. I instantly felt safe in her prescences. I thanked the waitress for her help and got into the car to head home. I filled my mom in on what happened, but before the story was complete the police were at the house. Soon after that my father arrived. So for the third time I recounting the morning’s events. I told the police about the car in the alley and then I was struck with fear. Rembering that my purse, my drivers license was next to his car, if the car was still there. Then I wondered how long had this man been watching me, waiting for the oppurnity to attack me. With panicked eyes I pleaded for someone to get my book bag. My father grab his coat,”No daddy I don’t mean you”. I imagined my dad coming face to face with a rapist, with a killer. I held on to my father’s arm, telling him to wait, let the police go. He assured me that he would be right back I had to trust him. Still I wonder why one of the two cops could not go 1 block to find my purse, my bookbag and the car of the man who’d tried to hurt me….

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LL&L is on the Move

February 18, 2009

Love, Lust and Life has a new home. I’ve loved WordPress but I want to try my hand at blogging full-time so LL&L has moved to blogger. To start I plan to put up post that are already on this site on by one. Eventually I will make this site private, but for now I plan to publish an occasional post, or post snippet, Please follow me to and tell me what you think: http://ll-n-l.blogspot.com

Hidden Strength

February 12, 2009

Marilyn Monroe "strength"

I love to read and write about almost any topic. The world is filled with so many amazing nuances that delight my mind. So when I’m filled with awe and wonder I want to get it out and express it masterfully through words. I get to my computer and find myself hesitating and the next thing I know I just churned out a post filled with links to other places where people had the gumption to say what they think, feel, want and hate. I started blogging because I thought it was the answer for my unexpressed energy and it was.  When I began to blog I felt excited everyday because I’d discovered a vehicle to get it all out and find others who were interested in what I had to say. Here in my house, without any deadlines I feel safe and secure to share anything that my heart desires, at least I use to. At first I felt freedom from judgment, criticism, and having to abide by social norms but soon experienced the fear of remaining vulnerable to strangers. If you receive mean comments about your writing or your decisions in life it makes since to become a little discouraged. However my problem is …


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