Hidden Strength

February 12, 2009

Marilyn Monroe "strength"

I love to read and write about almost any topic. The world is filled with so many amazing nuances that delight my mind. So when I’m filled with awe and wonder I want to get it out and express it masterfully through words. I get to my computer and find myself hesitating and the next thing I know I just churned out a post filled with links to other places where people had the gumption to say what they think, feel, want and hate. I started blogging because I thought it was the answer for my unexpressed energy and it was.  When I began to blog I felt excited everyday because I’d discovered a vehicle to get it all out and find others who were interested in what I had to say. Here in my house, without any deadlines I feel safe and secure to share anything that my heart desires, at least I use to. At first I felt freedom from judgment, criticism, and having to abide by social norms but soon experienced the fear of remaining vulnerable to strangers. If you receive mean comments about your writing or your decisions in life it makes since to become a little discouraged. However my problem is …


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4 Responses to “Hidden Strength”

  1. Dayflyer Says:

    Some of the guidelines to successful blog writing suggest you will get more interest if you have strong, maybe controversial opinions in your posts. I have seen this working, but sometimes your commenters will have opposing controversial opinions, so you can end up trying to manage a discussion, which you may or may not be comfortable with.

    But trying to please everyone in your blog writing does likely push you into the bland category.

    Most people temper their words or behavior to try to please others to a greater or lesser extent, but as you can’t guarantee it will work it’s best to just be yourself.

    If you’re going to ‘expose’ yourself by writing a blog to be read, you’ve just got to accept that not everybody will like it. If they criticise, at least they’re reading you, which is what you want!

  2. wbdeejay Says:

    I long ago realized that I was too focused on making those around me happy instead of concentrating on myself.

    I have recently realized that one of the closest people to me is a negative influence (I am struggling to understand or deal with that) which has contributed to hiding the real me, bottling up of emotions and opinions and stopped my writing.

    So I feel a certain closeness to what you are saying.

    Be bold, say what is inside of you, express what you feel without any fear. Can you do this without the feedback you are so used to getting? If you truly need it and ask for it openly, you will receive.

  3. LL&L Says:

    Presenting a false self just for the sake of readership, I agree, is not the write step for me. I love being open to new idea and willing to learn from everyone. The problem is that i noticed in my life that I put others’ needs and wants in front of my own. I have done this for years so it is a part of me, but I want to better myself. LL&L is suppose to be my platform to express myself without worry about offended others. I like what I’ve become and I shouldn’t be embarrassed or scared to share myself out of fear of rejection. Thank you so much for your comment Dayflyer, it is one of the best I have received thus far.

  4. LL&L Says:

    Wbdeejay, when you have made so much progress in life it is easy to stop growing. I am so happy that you’ve realized that it is time to focus on yourself and to what out for anything that makes you bottle up. I hope you have started writing again, your comment was wonderfully encouraging and inspiring. It is still hard fro me to open up but I will take your advice to heart.

    If you like this blog please check it out in a new location ll-n-l.blogspot.com

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