My Crazy List

March 9, 2009

Anything taking out of context can seem insane. If a concept is new or hard for you to accept it is easy to brush it off as crazy. I know that my life has not been in the normal radar for quite some time, but I love it. After too many years of legalism and conformity I want to celebrate and share my craziness with you.


Top Ten List of Reasons Why I Might Be Crazy


    10) I turned down by father’s offer to pay for my wedding so that I could elope.

     9) Depressing and creepy poetry makes me happy.

     8) I used different voices on the phone when I was a telemarketer.

     7) I felt grateful when homeless people sat next to me on the bus.

     6) One day I pretended to be pregnant on a bus ride home from school.

     5) I liked hitting my friends in middle school just for fun.

     4) I use to talk to my gym shoes

     3) I’ve seen more than my fair share of ghost

     2) Some of my favorite clients have hit me, spit on me and sexually harassed me

     1) I share all my embarrassing stories and closely guarded secrets online with anyone who is interested.



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