Does Trust Equal Love?

March 19, 2009

I think that I have learned a lot about trust throughout the years and when I am mindful I make really good decisions about trust and how it’s defined. The problem is that I have been hurt a lot in the past so I don’t feel like I shouldn’t trust anybody. Still I associate trust with love, how can you love someone you don’t trust. That is my real problem, when someone I love has proven time and time again that they are not trustworthy I want to ignore that and not set boundaries with them. I am learning that even loved ones have to earn your trust. The most important thing that I am learning is that trust is not the blanket that means you make yourself vulnerable in all areas of your life for this person to just do what they will. I trust my dad with money and my private info but I feel no need to give him all my passwords to my accounts. I trust that my husband is faithful and that he loves me like no man ever has, but I am learning that it is okay not trust blindly trust him to make all the finance decisions for the family. I thought trust meant that you allow someone to lead you, but I realize those thoughts have kept me depressed and repressed. I can trust people that have proven themselves to me in each area and still not share everything with them because still it’s my life and I don’t own everything to anybody but God.


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