Welcome to the May 31, 2009 edition of love lust and life carnival.


Victor presents Online Dating: Tips For Creating A Good Profile Picture posted at http://www.relationshipadviceblogger.com/, saying, “When it comes to joining one of the hundreds of online dating websites available, you will always be asked to create a “

Joel Riley presents The Gift of Missing You posted at Become the Alpha Male Now!.

Joel Riley presents How to Become an Alpha Male- What Alpha Male isn’t About posted at Become The Alpha Male Now.

Kris “The Roxstar” presents Getting a Boyfriend or Girlfriend posted at Roxstar Seduction.

Kris “The Roxstar” presents Revival posted at Roxstar Seduction.

Yoav B presents Animal Instincts posted at Israeli Soldier’s LIFE & THOUGHTS, saying, “An Israeli soldier, serving in the IDF, talks about the difficult times he’s having trying to find a date.”

Nara presents How To Prevent Infidelity Through Understanding The Human Genetic Code posted at Surviving Infidelity, saying, “To begin to understand the common causes of infidelity, it is important to take a truly sincere look at some of the primary differences in the motivating desires of human males and females.”

Jim DeSantis presents 7 Ways To Develop Your Magnetic Attraction posted at On Line Tribune | Abundance, saying, “Attractiveness, male or female, provides a golden reflection of your shimmering inner essence. It reflects true self-perception as well as the extent of one’s discipline. But, how do you get there? What do you need to know to transform yourself? Here are 7 proven techniques you can put into action today!”

Victoria Jennings presents The Sex Is Bad: Should You Still Get Married? posted at Time To Get Married, saying, “Should problems in the bedroom be a marriage breaker?”

Victoria Jennings presents Don’t Let Your Breakup Make You Come Undone | Time To Get Married posted at Time To Get Married, saying, “It is important to not let a breakup ruin your life.”

Victor presents Online Dating: What To Write On Your Profile posted at http://www.relationshipadviceblogger.com/, saying, “Unless you want to disappoint a lot of people “

Michael Cohen presents Differences Betwen Men And Women | Catch Spouse Cheating posted at Differences Between Men And Women, saying, “How men and women view cheating differently.”


zerwing@gmail.com presents How to Burn fat While Sipping Tea! | Best Types of Diets posted at All Types Of Diets, saying, “See how to loose weight doing nothing but drinking tea !”


vegan presents Food Recipe: Lettuce Wraps posted at Vegetarian Culinary, saying, “See how ot cook raw food recipe for vegans !”


Jacques Groenewald presents Make Easy Money On Ebay posted at Monkeyprofit, saying, “Here is a quick and easy way on how to make easy money on ebay”

Jacques Groenewald presents Millionare Mindset- How to think like a millionare posted at Monkeyprofit, saying, “A guide to understanding how you should think if you wish to become a millionare and prosper in life”


Ruoall Chapman presents Cheap ways to make your own online beats posted at Make Online Beats, saying, “By far the cheapest way to make online beats”

Goal Achievement

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Perform Under Pressure posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “Have you ever had writers block while you were trying to meet a deadline? Use these techniques used by writers, athletes, and business people to perform when the pressure is on.”


Ryan McArthur presents Online Home Business and Legitimate Money Making Opportunities posted at Ideal Income, saying, “I”


Mikkal Travvis presents American Christians Approve Of Torture? posted at The Last Days.


vegeculinary presents Cooking Tofu for Vegetarian Stir Fry Recipe | Vegetarian Culinary Recipes posted at Vegetarian Culinary, saying, “How to make vegetarian tofu in stir fry. Tasty recipe for good meal !”


Jack Schmidt presents Health Insurance Can Improve Your Love Life posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, “Personal Finance – Everything for the Big Spender on a Budget. Now you can live like a fat cat, even if you’re on a money diet. Laugh all the way to the bank wiht Jack Schmidt and SectorMatic. It’s for you!”

Ruoall Chapman presents Everything you need to know about how to Make Online Beats posted at Make Online Beats.


Silicon Valley Blogger presents Basic Business Advice from an Accidental Entrepreneur posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”


The Smarter Wallet presents Think Before You Buy! 5 Basic Shopping Tips To Live By posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Thanks!”


Brooke Allen presents Quality of Life posted at Rambling Brooke.


Jennifer Roland presents A Room of One’s Own posted at Jen’s Writing Journey.

Hardship/Overcoming Obstacles

Asmoday presents An Autobiography of my Descent — Part I posted at The Asmoday Experiment, saying, “Because of my adoption, I cherish what I learned about my birth more than most, I think. I’d like to share my beginnings with you.”

Sidhusaaheb presents My Memories of 1984 (Part 3) posted at I, Me, Myself.


Kaushik Chokshi presents How to Light up chakras instantly (Release) posted at Beyond Karma, saying, “A quick, energizing meditation that will improve your sexual performance!”


Colin Timberlake presents My First Marathon: Remixes, iPods and Rookie Mistakes posted at colintimberlake.com, saying, “The story of my impromptu first-ever marathon and how NOT to run one! And a few lessons along the way…”

Relax presents Should we worry about the recent flu pandemic? posted at The Wise Curve, saying, “Is it necessary for us to get into red alert mode to combat the flu? Or is it just another overrated mass media hoo-haa to influence people’s emotion”

FitBuff presents Health Food Pyramid Basics – Savior or Failure? posted at FitBuff.com’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “The health food pyramid is quite a controversial image. Is it helping or hurting, what do you think?”

Den Levin presents Anxiety and Sleep Disorders posted at Battle Anxiety, saying, “Anxiety can disrupt your sleep, which can have deleterious effects on your health.”


Matt Goldenberg presents Being in the Moment Without all the Bullshit | Life of Matt posted at Life of Matt, saying, “A post that takes presence to it’s bare essentials.”

Catherine VanWetter presents To the Heart of the Matter – The Power of Words and Thoughts posted at To The Heart of the Matter, saying, “It is important to watch the words that you use and the thoughts that may be ruminating around in your head. It is believed that we have between 60,00 to 80,00 thoughts per day and most of them are repeats from yesterday. This article provides helpful tips to become aware of your words.”

Mental/Emotional Health

Michael Miles presents Freedom and choice posted at Effortless Wealth and Abundance.

Jim DeSantis presents How To Be A Somebody In Your Own Eyes posted at On Line Tribune | Personal Challenges Blog, saying, “Sometimes, when all our doubts, fears and insecurities wrap ourselves up, we always come up with the idea of “

Jim DeSantis presents 7 Powerful Keys To Unlock Your Abundant Life posted at On Line Tribune | Abundance, saying, “All of us have days when we feel shortchanged by the world around us. We wish we had more material things, more friends, true love, greater career success. Today might just be such a day for you and, try as you might, you just cannot get yourself out of your funky thinking. Here are 7 easy ways to find the abundance in your life.”

Scary/Ghost Stories

Sam presents How to find happiness. Twelve Tips from the Happiness Coach posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, “Thank you for including my article. “


KateAddict presents 21st Century Inertia | Sly Foodie posted at Sly Foodie.

Ryan McArthur presents How is your MLM enterprise like a fly in a window? posted at Ideal Income, saying, “Have you ever seen a dead fly at the bottom of a window sill?It flew and flew and flew. It kept trying to get through the window. It was persistent and never gave up, even to the point of death. The fly doesn”

Jacques presents Feng Shui Health Tips Can Change The Way You Lead Your Life posted at The Fitness And Health Guru.

Goal Achievement

Brian Maxwell presents Achieve Your Goals ~ 10 Ways to Get More Done posted at Live Your Life With Prosperity and Success, saying, “Creating a road map for success is the best way to achieve your goals. Setting goals is vital to accomplishment and success, learn the fastest ways to achieve your goals.”

Brian Maxwell presents Leadership Skills ~ 10 Ways to be a Better Leader posted at Live Your Life With Prosperity and Success, saying, “10 ways for you to improve your leadership skills and enhance our communication skills to increase your ability to be an effective leader.”

Brian Maxwell presents Secrets of Success by Established Men and Women of Business posted at Live Your Life With Prosperity and Success, saying, “Discover the formula for success from successful and established men and women of business. The secrets to success when starting a business”


Jacques presents Alternative Health Tips posted at The Fitness And Health Guru.


Brian Maxwell presents Building Self Esteem in Seven Simple Steps posted at Live Your Life With Prosperity and Success, saying, “Building self esteem is the key to achieve success and create wealth. Discover how to build your self esteem in seven simple steps.”

Brian Maxwell presents Quality of Life ~ 3 Ways to Live a Happier Life posted at Live Your Life With Prosperity and Success, saying, “To improve your quality of life and attract abundance and prosperity you must learn the Science to Improve Your Quality of Life. Receive the secret of success!”

Brian Maxwell presents Subconscious Power of Your Mind ~ Does Brainwave Entrainment Work? posted at Live Your Life With Prosperity and Success, saying, “Is there a way to improve the subconscious power of your mind? Simply put, yes there is, and the methods are being used by thousands worldwide”

Brian Maxwell presents Law of Attraction ~ How to Manifest Your Destiny posted at Live Your Life With Prosperity and Success, saying, “Improve your life with the power of the Law of Attraction. Discover the power of the Law of Attraction and how to use it to attract success, happiness, and wealth”

Brian Maxwell presents Power of Positive Thinking ~ Improve Your Quality of Life posted at Live Your Life With Prosperity and Success, saying, “The power of positive thinking attracts success, happiness, and wealth. Achieve your goals with positive thinking and the power of positive affirmations”

Brian Maxwell presents The Power of Positive Affirmations posted at Live Your Life With Prosperity and Success, saying, “Positive affirmations have a tremendous impact on achieving success, discover the power of thought and how to improve your quality of life.”

Mental/Emotional Health

Sean Reynolds presents European Motorcycle Trip posted at Creativity.


Jacques presents Making Money On Twitter posted at Monkeyprofit, saying, “The easiest way to make money on twitter”

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