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Can you remember that day? We are so lucky to live in a country where things like this take us off guard. I never entertained the thought that someone could come into our country and terrorized and kill so many people at one time. My heart goes out to everyone who experienced a loss and my prayers are with you.

9-11-08 I was a nanny full time for a sweet little girl who was 2 years old. That is by far my favorite job because of being able to spend time with so one so incredible and being able to watch her grow into her own, and being a part of that process. I woke up her up and got her dressed and feed so that we could go to a Borders for story time. I turned on the radio and heard that a plane crashed in one of the twin towers. Confused and upset, I thought instantly that this was more serious than we know yet. I turned off the radio and put in a cassette of Veggie Tales sing along and we sang at the top of our lungs.

I wanted to know everything that was happening. I wanted to go back to the house and stay glued to the tv so that I could find out the best plan to save our lives if it came down to that, but I knew that I would not do that. I belief that kids are incredibly smart. They understand and are very sensitive to things. I wanted that little girl to have a great day. She had enough hardships in her life, today would be fun and easy. We parked and walked into Borders and quickly walked past all the people that were on their cell phones talking in a worried tone. No worries the story teller was there and in a great mood. She used all kinds of voices and all the kids their had a great time.

Story time was too short. I decided that we would stay out as long as possible. I thought of calling her parents because I knew hearing her voice would encourage them beyond my imagination, the network was busy and I could get any calls through. And so it was off to the park. I put her on a swing and we had the bets time. I taught her to say,”YEEEHAWWWWW!'”, with each push. She ran around and had her choice of playground equipment, we were the only ones there. I remember feeling grateful for he sun and the sky and for the peace and safety that I felt. I remember staring up at the clouds and feeling nervous when a plane passed overhead. I thought it was way to low and wondered if my perception was off because of today’s events.

Finally we had company. A man and his lap top. He seemed equally eager to enjoy the day as we exchanged words through sincere smiles. My curiosity made me ask fro an update and he informed me of the second plane. I took a deep breathe and decided that I would not cry now. It felt good to smile and I was not sure that if I let a few tears fall, would I be able to remain upbeat for the little one.

After avoiding home so long I knew it was time to get her feed. I warmed up some food, put her bib on and turned her away from the TV. I could not take tit anymore. I had to know the state of our country. I needed to connect with all the hurt and fear that was happening.. I needed see for myself what happened. I was awful, hate does the ugliest things. So many lives, so much loss. Fires, death, hijacking etc… I was stuffing my face and staring at the TV when her mom came home. I knew she’d come home early, I knew she’d wrap that little girl up in her arms and tell her how much she loved her. I knew it looked bad that I was eating and watching the horrendous footage in front of her daughter. I wanted to explain but thought that would be selfish. The most important thing I could do was make a quick exit so that a little girl could experience her mother’s love and her mother could get the comfort, warmth and peace that I got experience all day because of her and her smile.