Christmas Gift Ideas

December 4, 2008

It is hard to ignore the holiday season. Even during a financial crisis people can’t help to get excited about the Christmas shopping season. If your anything like me times are tough and a new way of thinking can be adopted. I remember when I was a child I LOVED CHRISTMAS; Christmas Eve left me emotionally torn between the adernale rushing through my tiny vein that made me invincible to Sandman and the fear of Santa skipping over my house because I was still awake. I loved the sounds of my parents wrapping and assembling presents, the smell of pine and sugar cookies, the twinlke of the christmas lights glowing and sparkingling thourgh the night, the softens of my blanket that hugged me tight and help ease the anticipation, and the cruch of the sweet candy canes that had the rainbow strips (so much better than the pepermint). Although tempted to wake my parents at 3am, 4am, 5am, 5:30am, 6:00am, 6:15am, etc… I usaed all the will power I could muster to wait until 7am to charge into my parents bedroom and jump loudly on their bed, tyring to avoid my sisters metthod of prying their eyes open and spraying them with her loving,”Wake up! Merry Christmas”. My parents would force themselves out of bed, gracious enough to ignore the fact that they only got 2-4 hours of sleep, and put begin our families tradtions: the kids had to wait upstairs until they went down to turn on the Christmas lights and put on a Christmas album on the record player, when we heard the music it was our cue to come down stairs and let are eyes feast on the miraclcous tree that at lsat glance only bore a red shirt, now it was bursting with presents galore from family, parents and that magical man Santa, we took turns disturbing gifts according to the labels and tore the beautful wrapping to shredds as the peson toting the black garabe bags struggled to keep up.


Oh how I loved Christmas as a kid, and I still do but in a completely different way. When I was 22 I meet the love of my life. It was the bible and through it I got to know God and Jesus in a new way. Though Christmas is manmade, I love any excuse to think about the Lord and his love for the world. Thank God I have that to hold on to because with my lack of income the commercial X-mas that I have grown to love can turn me into a Grinch in a matter of seconds. X-mas can be a beautiful thing, giving meaningful gifts to people who would not or could not give to themselves. For many years I resented the finical pressure of trying wow people who have more money than me, worried that the wrong gift would give a false impression of lack of love on my part. I tried to ignore the profound meaning of gift giving; I know understand it is one love language that is powerful and prominent to a lot of people. I love a lot of people and don’t want them to be short changed this year. So I found some helpful links that give a list of tips and gifts for people who want to express their love without depleting their finances.




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