Dancing With the Stars

October 7, 2008


I have no desire to become an entertainment journalist or critic of any kind, but I love Reality TV and anything that contains good dancing.  So when you put those two together I can’t help myself.  I love Dancing with the Stars, it’s better than American Idol any day.  I love to see the horrific sites of people who have no ability to sway their hips, attempt to do the rumba.  I love to see body conscious celebs come out of their shell and shake their shimmies.  I love to see the shoe in dominate the floor form the start; I love it all.  This session does not disappoint from crazy Cloris and here wild antics to Erica Cain, I mean Susan Lucci strutting her stuff and so on.

I was sad to her about Misty May-Treanor’s ruptured achilles tendon on her left leg during practice on Friday.  Her approach to dancing athletic and brought a fresh interpretation to the chorography.  I was really looking forward to her learning how to tone down her physical strength but still use it to her advantage over the tiny women who have not yet commanded the audience’s attention yet. I was happy to see her partner, Makism Chmerkovskiy, finally appearing to be fully supportive; I think he was unnecessarily hard on her before. As any other gold medal wining athlete would do she slightly winced as they showed the footage of her injury for the viewing audience and made a proclamation to be back to perform the Lindy Hop with her partner as soon as she fully recovered; making no mention of ending her career.

Today I feel like I’m the only one who wanted to see more of Kim Kardashian. She was voted off last week but it is rumored that she might return to replace Misty.  I know that she is not a talented dancer yet, but I believe that she had a ton of potential.  There is something incredible about watching someone who has a natural grace learn how to own their body and perform by letting the music take over.  I use to FEAR dancing in front of others, but the first time I got out on the dance floor was life changing.  I really give dancing a lot of credit for making me into the woman I am today.  It brought me confidence, a way to express myself and connect to music, and opened my eyes to my creative side.  Dancing fought depression, body image insecurities and gave me a since of power.  For some strange reason I think Kim could use that power, so could Tony Braxton and Cloris and everyone else for that matter.

No tears though.  After watching the show with my sister I realized that I should want the best dancers to remain on the show, so regrettably I think it is time for Cloris Leachman to go.  I really enjoy watching her on the dance floor and off.  She deserves so much respect for her bravery; putting herself in a position to be judge harshly when you are doing your best and enjoying herself immensely is awesome.  I know that her sensitivity gets the best of her mouth sometimes but she is a tough and can take.  She has the money to continue dancing if she wants to but that jive was a jip and I hope she leaves gracefully.

So all lovers of dance please join me tonight and watch the elimination round tonight to see if America got it right this time.