Mindfulness Affirmation

December 8, 2008

I think that I am naturally drawn to spititual studies. For 8 years I studied the bible faithfully. About a couple a years ago I felt the need to refresh my spirit and take a bible break, so to speak. I found that, even though the bible talks about the importance of meditation somehow I was still missing the meaning and purpose. One night, after my husband went to sleep I cried out to God. I apologized for not doing the things I use to do and begged him to show me how to change and what was missing in my life.The next day I watched Oprah’s show and she recommended A New earth by Eckhart Tolle. I did not understand what the book was about but I felt a strong pull to purchase it. I think I went to the book store the next day and started reading it that night. The first chapter was a dozy. It seemed overly meta and mystical, or should I say far out. Though my mind made fun of it my heart had confidence that this might become an answered prayer. A couple a pages into chapter two I started to fall in love with the concept of mindfulness and disassociating myself from what Tolle calls the ego.I am very new to mediation and I have lacked discipline, but when I do commit to mediation and studying mindfulness I feel aware and joyful. I don’t know if you have picked up on my mood shifts in my writing yet; if you have trust me I am aware of that. I don’t personally mind it but I know that I can scare people away. Meditation is a way of grounding me so that I can see the world around me and it put me in a constant state of learning and enjoying and kills my flakiness. Mindfulness is like bring an art museum to work, experiencing a concert when the neighbors are noisy; in other being able to see the beauty in everything and appreciating everyone. Mindfulness is a muscle that has to be developed. I am new to it and lack a teacher and community but I am enjoying this new pursuit.

Has anybody else practiced meditation or study mindfulness? Please share your experiences and tips for beginner it was successful. Even if you hate the concept all together share why, I’d love to know.