Child Abuse

September 16, 2008

Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor

Did you watch Oprah yesterday? It was hard a one to take but I think the message was necessary. The internet has provided a means for molesters to get instant gratification, fuel their addiction and justify their actions. Children are being brutally raped, even infants. Technology exists that can track down the offenders ,but the current funding for police enforcement allows only 2% of those cases to be prosecuted. Instead of feeling helpless you can go to and get all the info you need to get in touch with your senators and demand that they pass Act 1738- Protect Our Children Act. The bill will be voted on Friday, Sept 26, 2008. So please if this touches your heart, contact all your friends and give them the info so that they too can help. On Oprah’s home page you will see a variety of ways to get the info, like Child Predator: Take Action. Even if you’re unsure, please just take some time to look at the info or try to watch the show and decide ,without guilt, what you will do next.
Thank you