A Little LL&L Disappointment.

September 12, 2008

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I am a little disappointed today. I want LL&L to be a place where people can feel safe to open up and find people who are in the similar circumstances in there life. Originally I was going to use my name and keep this blog very impersonal, but I felt that my heart pulled me in another direction.I am having a hard time balancing my desire to want to tell everything with my reflex to shut up and not talk about anything of significant. I guessed that their were probably a lot of people who feel like me, desperate to get it all out and find a place where people won’t misjudge or take advantage of them, that is what I want for Love Lust and Life.

The disappointment came yesterday when I received a comment that I did not anticipate. Just one sentence,”I bet it felt real good.” I assume it was regarding the losing my virginity post. I shared my concern with my husband; I’m worried that people who just want to talk about sex, or people who fantasize about hurting kids will be attracted to my site. He was shocked by my surprised and said you must have know that you would attract a lot of people with a title that included the word lust in it. He assured me that I don’t have to change what I’m doing and that their are precautions I can take if I decide to.

Such is my life. I am a person that has experienced a lot but can still be naive. I thought that I would take a while to build up any viewership, but that magically everyone that came to the site would be gentle, and loving and would all have pure intentions. Then I had another thought. I realize that I am judging the person who left the comment. I don’t know that person or their intentions. I don’t know their age or level of interest in sex. I know that their are people out there that like sex, and that’s why there are people are out there. As someone who like sex herself I don’t want to jump to the conclusion; that person did focus on the wrong part of the story, but maybe that was my fault. My desire for people to learn their own lesson has me writing more details than morals. My intention was for people to learn from my mistakes and understand the consequences of bad decisions.

So I’ve decided that I will remain Love Lust and Life. I will still display the detailed story of my life for people to learn from and connect with. Regarding my sex life, I will leave out most details and focus on the moral of the story. I learn by making mistakes, so please forgive me. And I apologize to anyone I might have offended. I am responsible for not taking this very important matter into consideration and should have thought things out. Further more I want this sight to be for everybody, but I want for people to be considerate of each other and to take others people feelings and welfare into account. I don’t know how I am going to accomplish that yet but I am open to suggestions.