holly-madisonI’m not sure why exactly I love The Girls Next Door but I got hooked early on. My husband thinks it’s ironic that women enjoy this show and I have to agree. It’s hard to articulate why I must watch every episode; All I know is that I really like the girls and enjoy watching their crazy antics and adventures. When I first watched I was surprised to see three semi normal women who came from humble beginnings participating in normal activities like working, completing their Masters, and inviting their parents to the Playboy mansion to meet their boyfriend Hef. They seemed to have genuine affection for the aging millionaire and were able to display a friendly relationship with each other.

When I first heard about Hef and his seven girlfriends I imagined none stop orgies as the gold digging hussies trying to out swindle the man who remained slyly satisfied. As I saw more coverage about Hef I was upset at I myself for the judgmental thoughts and learned to become more open minded about plural relationships. By the time I saw The Girls Next Door premier’s commercials I pretty much accepted the fact that I would watch; Flavor of Love taught me that I have a weakness for reality TV and that resistance is futile. Holly Madison, the main girlfriend, earned her way into Puffins bedroom and heart. Bridget and Kendra are equal but separate. Season after season we watched as Holly gives subtle hints about her intentions to marry Hef and have his kids, while Hef pretended to not notice. As the show progressed her persistence became more insistent and I wondered how long Holly would hold on to her hope and Hef. On Chelsea Lately she pretty much answered the question. It was pretty obvious that Holly was out the door. Soon after I heard reports that Hef denied break up allegations. But with so Holly and Chris Angel sightings he released a statement saying that if she said it over than it must be over.

Apparently even Hef’s moved on too, surprise surprise. TV is supposed to entertain you; the hidden benefit is that it exposes you to things you would not be able to see on your own. From shows like Big Love and True Blood have helped open up my little legalistic mind and helped me to appreciate other lifestyles and cultures. So maybe I would not bring it up Sunday School, but I not ashamed to watch and enjoy The Girls Next Door. Concerning the shows status no worries, Holly insistent that The Girls Next Door will return.